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  Do not know how long the effect, as if the fight was a nervous gradually revealing the known, the field from its broad chest in long plume from the atmosphere on the slopes and there is water ongenerally spread at the Qingming, round trees and crops have begun to sway in the breeze, the leaves become calm and. Dew back in the early morning and evening wetting the ridge, quietly put up the field. Lu Lan also came upquietly afloat, no longer go back to the valley. Although the sun is still bright, but the pain is no longer the backbone of Sunburn people become, Kiyosumi, as if it was weak, and can not be distilled into a field, it is the field of reconciliation and the like; ... ... Autumn is here!



  The weather came and the weather became cool. There was a swan of geese in the sky, and they were in a row for a while.

  There are three colors in the tree next to the road, green, orange, and red. In the field, the farmer uncle is busy harvesting corn. Small green vegetables wearing grass green uniform, look very air. Orchard, fruitful, red big apple like crowded with a fat doll, clawed green leaves look out. The red persimmon is like a small lantern hanging on a tree. Purple Yingying's grapes are like purple gems. Go to the park to play the children are wearing a long sleeves.

  Autumn is colorful, he gave the red maple, maple leaves like a stamp in the air falling down. It gives the yellow ginkgo tree, ginkgo tree leaves like a small fan. Grandpa plays tai chi under ginkgo tree.

  Autumn is the colorful season, is the harvest season, I like the fall!


  Autumn came, autumn came. You see, tree mother and grow a golden hair, really beautiful!

  Autumn came, the earth is golden, the farmer uncle is busy harvesting crops, sorghum nodded to us, corn against everyone laughing, small mice also began to save food.

  Every day on the road, the original street vendors selling watermelon stalls disappeared, instead of them are fragrant and crisp big apple and a string of purple grapes, how delicious it!

  Autumn is a bumper season, I went to the Qinling Wild Animal Park, there are many persimmon trees, knot a lot of red glowing persimmon, and chestnut trees, covered with hair chestnuts, also wrapped in plush shell, mature chestnuts are lost On the ground, I picked up a lot of chestnuts, but also stripped to eat, very good to eat.

  Autumn is really a golden fall, bumper autumn.


  Ling fr Autun

  It's Septeber. Autun is cing. But where is autun? I a tld that the s ls higher with few cluds in autun. I raise head and l at the s. It aes n difference with the s in suer. And trees arund are still green. Then I ce t the fields. I find the crn in the ear. Apple trees nearb are fruiting well. The harvest seasn is cing. I uped with . This is autun. I fund it!



  Autumn, days of high clouds, cool breeze, fruitful, Jin Gui fragrance. Autumn is a beautiful, beautiful season. Autumn, bloom, the fruit mature, in the autumn orchard, the green leaves withered, and my brother Liu Sibo ran out to the grandfather of the orchard, ran into the orchard, we sat on the grass to enjoy the beautiful autumn.

  There was a breeze blowing in the orchard, some of the leaves were blown away from the dance, with the Monkey King turned over the somersault cloud. We have seen to fly to the south of the geese, but also are arranged in the "people" in the orchard over the fly, as if people are hard to say it After a while I, I said: "We are better than the first pick Apple." Brother said good. We ask the grandfather to help us take the ladder, we began to climb. We quickly climbed up, and finally I won, I picked a large basket of water, round yo apple. We picked the apple to eat a feeling really sweet.

  We continue to enjoy the beautiful autumn. Autumn is colorful, full of the joy of harvest, it is intoxicated.


  There is a yard next to my house, and the yard is planted with several sweet - scented osmanthus trees. In the autumn, the golden sweet-scented osmanthus open, scattered on the ground like a broken gold, fragrant.

  One day, I came to a small courtyard, far to smell the long fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus. Went to the hanging tree, readily picked up a sweet-scented osmanthus, really beautiful. The next day, I called my mother to pick up the sweet-scented osmanthus, we first with oil paper cloth in the tree under the shop, my mother in the tree hard to shake, I picked up one by one on the ground. High above the shake, I got a bamboo pole, mother with bamboo pole to play. From morning to noon finally picked a basket of sweet-scented osmanthus. I said: "Mom, we have a few days to eat sweet-scented osmanthus dumplings it!" Mom said: "Well, this idea is good yo." A few days, my mother and I started the dumpling, the sweet-scented osmanthus into the soup pot , Like a fairy Sanhua, really beautiful ah I tasted, sweet and sweet, taste great. Osmanthus can be used more, you can do sweet-scented osmanthus cake, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar ... ...

  We eat their own hand picking sweet-scented osmanthus, heart sweet.


  Summer brother gone, autumn aunt came again, she took the summer brother's class. Since the autumn aunt came later, the weather cooler, no longer welcome as warm as summer brother, autumn aunt finally let the weather slow a slow, or else, not let the weather happy dead, then we may suffer The.

  I heard the autumn aunt came, the tree father was very happy, big tree father happy, can be infected with the above small leaves, they heard, that is, popular drink s//pic.ruiwen.com/e glowing. Some fruit trees, also heard the arrival of the autumn aunt, happy to produce a lot of fruit, the fruit trees themselves almost collapse.

  From summer to autumn, many people from the short sleeve into a long sleeve, from shorts and skirts into a trousers.

  Autumn aunt came, the world a lot of things have changed, the weather has changed, the plant has changed, people's clothes have changed ... ... a lot of things have changed.

  I really like the fall!


  In the twinkling of an eye, the spring passed, the summer passed, and the autumn came again.

  Out of the house, waves of fresh autumn wind blowing, very cool, no spring soft, autumn wind is not hot summer wind, no winter wind cold, but I prefer the autumn breeze.

  Into the campus, the students have put on a thick clothes in the morning, the playground can always see the students exercise the body figure, noon, the students after a lesson after the tired will go to the campus to play, while breeze blowing , The hearts of the troubles have disappeared without a trace, at night, after dinner, the students will go to the playground to go for a walk, the breeze blowing immediately blown away the feeling of hot, replace him is cool and comfortable.

  Into the woods, I saw the ground covered with leaves, to the earth covered with red carpet, far from looking like, for the upcoming meeting of a grand ceremony, ready to cover the carpet. Trees are shaky leaves, as if a burst of breeze blowing, the leaves will fall like it seems. Birds are neatly squatting toward the south, when they fly, from time to time turned away from the direction of the woods to see, as if to say goodbye to their plant friends say it!

  Into the fields, the fields are mature crops, and a burst of autumn wind blowing over the sorghum waist, corn rods in the whirring of the autumn proudly stand upright. This time the farmer can be busy, but look at the harvest crops, farmers uncle also exposed a smile, I guess they are certainly thinking: this year is a good harvest season.

  Autumn, autumn is a cool season, autumn is a bumper season.


  Some people say that autumn is red, because one fall, Maple leaves are red; some say that autumn is yellow, because one to the fall, ginkgo leaves on the yellow; some people say that autumn is golden, because one to fall , The field becomes golden yellow ... ... no matter how others say, I think the autumn is colorful.

  Every morning, the touch of the red day to the world, "called" played thousands of people in the sleep. This is the first color of autumn.

  Morning, the sun has red to gold, the tens of thousands of gold to the world to sprinkle. At this time, people immediately full of energy, refreshed. This is the second color of autumn.

  Afternoon, after lunch, people began to enjoy afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is generally coffee. This is the third color, brown.

  Night, we are painting, writing, figure ... ... This is the color of paper, white.

  At night, people went out to sleep. There is a black inside the lullaby, there are a bag of black hypnotic powder, black is the fifth color.


  You see, fall is not colorful?


  Autumn is not like spring flowers blooming, aromatic and pleasant, not like the summer there are so many small creatures in the singing, but no winter snow wrapped, but he is in my heart is a colorful season.

  Although the autumn is not bright spring, but she has a unique landscape, to the autumn, cool breeze, waves of breeze blowing, blowing the flying maple leaf, red maple leaves like a colorful butterfly, with the The wind turned gracefully in the air until slowly fell to the ground, in the spring, summer, winter, that can see the beauty of this, only the autumn of this cool breeze season, the leaves covered with slopes, dyed Red field, from afar, hillside and field a golden, spectacular.

  Although the autumn did not like the kind of silver white clothes in winter, but it has a golden veil, see, fall one, the plants scrambling to the barber shop hair, they have to say 'fall to the other people have to hair Falling yellow hair, I can not lag behind, go, go to the barber shop dyed yellow hair. 'Not far behind the plants are happy to go hair, come back, each plant has a golden hair, beautiful.

  Autumn, a day of high clouds, cool breeze of the season, like a unique night pearl, unique.

  I seem to be a maple leaf, fell to the ground, looking at the blue sky, I will come back next year.

  Autumn, no spring girl blossom, no summer hot, no winter plum, but it is in my mind is unique season.














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