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In daily study, work or life, everyone will have more or less contact with Composition . The composition can be divided into elementary school composition, middle school composition, and university composition (thesis).So, how to write?The following are 8 compositions collected and organized by Xiaobian. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.

感受作文 篇1


The wind can't be seen or touched, but can feel it!


Today, I leaned on the window and took the cool, listening to "Tanmei" fanatically, fanning her tireless wings, crying!


Typhoon is coming!finally come!Bring the wind!Rain!Cold it, drove away the subtropical high pressure that did not leave!I saw the poor and delicate grass lowered their heads, revealing their brilliant skin tone.The big tree shakes crazy, as if venting dissatisfaction with the weather that has been pushing for many days.The wind waved the rainy skirt, and I smelled the fresh air after the rain.


I whispered: "Where are you? How are you, how do you meet at least this summer!"


Feng Jing answered silently, and stroked my cheek with her smooth lines, as if gently responding: Hello, hello!


Wind, I am willing to touch you every day to have no trace of trace; I want to be your friend, to understand you, and call you; the wind can't see, can't touch it, but can be felt by me!

感受作文 篇2


In the summer vacation, it is rare to be free, relax and relax in the countryside, and enjoy a tranquil and beautiful rural life.


One day, at the beginning of the twilight, I was blowing the electric fan, watching the TV series with interest, but suddenly the power was stopped.In this hot summer, when the power outage, the hotness in the house was uncomfortable, which made me a little uncomfortable, a little annoying, instead of staying in the house and suffering, it was better to go out and blow the blow outside.So I walked slowly in the twilight.


Along the curved path, I came to the field by the village.Looking at it, the seedlings in the field are working hard under the shroud of the twilight, preparing to stretch the head longer tomorrow.Looking at this growth, it is a bumper season in a few months.The water in Tianou was flowing tightly.The grass on the field of Tian Yan is full of vitality.The quiet and peaceful beauty of the twilight deeply moved me, making me feel refreshed.I changed the plan to take a walk and decided to stay and enjoy this beautiful time alone.So I took off my shoes and walked slowly on the field, enjoying the massage of the natural masseur, the soft grass.At first, the soles of the feet were a little itchy, slowly, slowly, adapting, a cold feeling spread from the soles of the feet, pass through the heart and spleen, it felt very cool!It's so comfortable!


Twilight is getting more and more vast, and I stand on Tian Yan to enjoy the coolness of this spleen.Suddenly, a "一" sounded, breaking through the quietness of the evening.Other worms were not lonely, and they raised their sounds."", "、", "啾 啾" ... They are like singing a cheerful song with the team leader.The more he sang, the more he heard that I was almost fascinated, as if I had become one of the performers, and hummed the song, mixed with the insects of nature, and it was fun.


In this quiet evening, I bathed under the vast twilight, letting me stroke the soft grass, breathe the fresh air, listening to the bug's beautiful song, I was relieved, and the whole person felt that the whole person felt that the whole person thoughtVery relaxed.Under this quiet sky, my heart also returned to tranquility!All irritability and restlessness disappear!In this infinite tranquility, I fell into the infinite reverie ...


Thanks for the grace of nature!Nature is indeed a wonderful psychologist, which can smooth all the trauma in the heart!The beauty of nature is so beautiful. What are the reason why we do not be a life -threatening person to enjoy the beauty?

感受作文 篇3


To make children grow up to be different people -can consider the views of others, open their minds, and have the ability to discuss great ideas with others -love reading is a necessary foundation.


Through literature, children will look at the world with different eyes.Open your heart, accept the new concept, and set foot on the glorious avenue to travel.


I want students to fall in love with reading.Reading is not a subject.It is the cornerstone of life, and it is a activity that is happy with all people in the world.


In order to let children fall in love with reading, they must make good use of the library.The library is to build the values of children: placing in the people who love reading is very beneficial to the children.Browse and discovery that cannot be performed on the Internet can be done in the library; children can also interact with people of all ages, rather than open parcels in the electronic mailbox.


In order to let children fall in love with reading, they must choose suitable literary works.The easiest way to choose literary works is to share the books you love to read.


In the face of students who do not read, first explain the textbooks to the children, so that backward students keep their progress.Secondly, prepare a particularly simple paragraph for students who are backward, so that they will win at the starting point.The third is to let individual students read books with their own level.Fourth, start a reading club to read the happiness of reading through competitions and exchanges Experience .Fifth, parents read.Children who can't read more need to be accompanied by parents, creating a good reading atmosphere, so that children can gradually fall in love with reading.Children need adults to often read and discuss with them. Parents must be used as a good example.


Cultivate children's reading interest and let children fall in love with reading.When the children see the book, they see watermelon when they are thirsty in summer, and the wonderful articles in the book are as comfortable as eating cool watermelon in the hot summer.We succeed.


I believe that children who love reading will have a better life.Reading for life, reading for life.

感受作文 篇4


The most pleasant thing in the summer vacation is to go out with my family.This year, my mother and I went to Haiyang, Shandong to feel the sea.


After a few hours of "long -distance trek" in the car, we finally reached the destination -Haiyang.Standing on the sea and admiring the sea view, the sea breeze blown our face gently. I couldn't help but admire: "The sea, really beautiful!"Thousands of snow.On the distance in the distance, a few sea Europe flew freely, and occasionally seeing a few boats follow the waves on the sea.On the nearby sea, people all put on swimsuits to get close to the sea. It is really interesting to watch those figures!Suddenly, I saw a girl next to me wearing a swimsuit to run towards the sea ...


swim?Isn't the best way to feel the sea to swim in the sea?This aroused my curiosity. I usually swim in the swimming pool. What will it feel like swimming in the sea?After obtaining my mother's consent, I changed my swimsuit, took the swimming ring, and trot all the way to the beach.


At the sea, the wind was a bit big, making people feel cool. I walked on the beach and approached the sea step by step. "Wow, a wave of waves fought over, and I was soaked in my body. At this time, I was not happy, but I was a little nervous! I'm afraid: Will the waves hit me into the sea? I took two steps back and looked back at the mother behind. My mother saw my mind and encouraged me to "be brave." I slowly continued to walk into the seawater. Soon the seawater hadn't passed my knees, and the waves that suddenly came on the face made me caught off guard. I was rushed back to the beach and took a few mouthfuls of seawater. Salted! So bitter! ". I sat on the beach with a buttocks, a little discouraged to smash the swimming ring aside. At this time, the mother's voice came from the ear: "Don't give up easily when you encounter difficulties. Try to have a process, and think about why you fail." My mother's words asked me to open the clouds and fog to see the sun, yeah, why did she give up? I picked up my confidence again, walked to the beach, and stepped step by step. When there was no hard beach support at my feet, I started swimming by the buoyancy of the swimming ring in the sea. At this time, I found that the sea was not terrible. In fact, it was sometimes gentle like a mother. I'm like a happy fish swimming in the sea, enjoying the excitement and comfort that the sea brought to me!


I have gained an experience of feeling the sea on this trip to Haiyang, and it also made me understand: Before doing one thing, do not say the word "difficult".There will be a surprise waiting for you.

感受作文 篇5


Life must be happy, so let Jin Bun empty.This is Li Bai's interpretation of life. She stands on the boulder across the horse, looks down at the Dawei Jiangshan, and sighs: For wine to be a song, life geometry!For example, according to the dew, go to the sun.This is Cao Cao's sigh of his life's death, and the symmetry of the heroine is on the paper.Life is suffering or joy, the key is whether you feel it with your heart.


Bing Xin said: In happiness, we must thank life, and in pain, we also have to thank life.Indeed, Hi has to thank life.Thank you for your satisfaction in happiness, and thank you for your mind in the suffering.


Life is like。.Life is a cup of mellow tea, and the aromatic escort requires our careful taste.Perhaps life is a cup of Longjing before the rain. As always, a quiet fragrance makes people feel refreshed and has never been bitter; maybe life is a cup of bitter tea, and it can release the scent of fragrance.Everyone's life can be a cup of tea with endless aftertastes. The key is that we all face positive life. The tea of life is fragrant because of me.


Life is picturesque.The development of life will be turned into a scroll, and the passion of the colorful brushes will be swinging different beauty.On the avenue of life, you may be frustrated. At that time, the scroll in front of you seemed to be: the moonlight was hazy, and the wine was sent to the breeze.Can a drunk side solve the sorrow? Is the ancients really saying this?No, when you are drunk, the thorns in front are still going to cut it yourself.When you are proud, the scroll may present you: the strong sea sunrise.It is full of hope and confidence in the front road, yes, this is right.Whether it is the breeze or the sea sunrise at sea, it will make people unforgettable. It is very appreciated. The scroll of life is exquisite because of me.


Life is like poetry.Too many poems accompany us, every life has a poem soul.Those who have a big thing in ancient times must go through three stages. One is last night, the western wind is withered, and the high -rise buildings are alone, and I hope that the width of Tianya Road is far -sighted.In the end, she was looking for her thousands of Baidu, and she looked back, but the man came to the water in the mountains.The poem of life has soul because of me.


Life is not complicated.As long as you live with your heart, you will taste the fragrance, appreciate beautiful paintings, and read poetry.

感受作文 篇6


The bells of the New Year sounded that it became an old year last night and the New Year today.


This year is really warm.The advent of one day, the sun is densely sprinkled on the body, this is a good sign.


The bright weather made people sweep all the bad things I experienced last year.The people of the Century Square are weaving, there are Wenzhou people, there are also Xinwenzhou people, and there are people who come to the green.Although it is not the same place, it is so harmonious.Paper kite embellish the blue sky.The front of the square lamp was linked, which attracted people to take pictures in front.The warm scene makes people feel so strong.


The end of the night is the most exciting moment.The buildings suddenly lit up.The firecrackers rose "咻", and a bright spark of "嘭".Hurry out the camera and capture this beautiful scene.


The New Year is really lively, but it is more warm and lively, or it is the best with your family.Every time you do n’t need a long table, you use a round table. Everyone is sitting around, because everyone does not have a seniority and can get along well.Everyone talks and laughs, this feeling is better than anything.


However, of course, the happiest is the red envelope, saying auspicious words, a red envelope.When I got it, I jumped joyfully, saying that I would save it, year after year, day after day.Dreaming about saving too much to buy what you like, you don't have to reach out to ask your parents.


The red lantern was hung in front of the window, recalling the joy and sadness I experienced last year.Sweet and bitter, five flavors of miscellaneous grains.But after all, after all, people should look forward to the future.In the New Year, a new start, a new starting point, giving himself a re -self, forgetting trouble, and making the Chinese New Year in the fierce fire.


This Spring Festival is full of years, because of love, making us happier and fulfilling.

感受作文 篇7


In the long river of life, setbacks are inevitable, and learning to treat setbacks is an important process.Some people regard setbacks as enemies, defeat it, and become the strong of life; some people are afraid of the first, self -abandonment, and eventually lose their self, lose themselves, and sigh.


So at this stage of junior high school, what should I do if I encounter setbacks?


At this stage of junior high school, it can be said that it is very painful. The total subject is twice the less subject of the primary school. If the time cannot be arranged, it will already be lost on the starting line.


As soon as I entered junior high school, I felt at a loss. The homework arranged every night was almost incomplete, and the small test was very unsatisfactory. In the face of this sudden blow, I felt helpless. One day at noon, I stayed in the classroom to make up my homework, sighing. One classmate asked me, "Why sigh", I told him about my feelings after junior high school and told him my pain. He inadvertently said to me: "Just think about it from another angle." At that time, I knew this sentence for a half -day understanding. After thinking about it for a long time, I realized that if Sima Qian was not suffering from great suffering, how could I write the historical record of the historians and the "Historical Records of the History"? Let's look at the "Fengqiao Night Bail" we used to learn before. If it wasn't for Zhang Ji's list more than a thousand years ago, how can we write people's popular "Maple Bridge Night Po" today. Isn't the failure of the next success? If you always think about the disadvantages in life, can we still have a carefree and happy life?


In a piece of fallen leaves, you may see the tragic fate of "scattered into mud and mud", but as long as you think about it, you will find that it "turns into spring mud and protects flowers"; a candle will soon be"The wax torch becomes ash", but it illuminates the road ahead; a chalk, only three two paintings, life will end, but it sprinkled the seeds of knowledge in the hearts of the students.


Settlement is not terrible, what is terrible is to sigh on yourself.


Feeling the frustration of the first day, letting me know that the way to move forward is not smooth, but the victory of a setback is to accumulate a experience , and the pace of life is once again.

感受作文 篇8


Listen carefully and feel the true, kindness and beauty of that portrayal.




When God created man, it gave us a pair of beautiful ears and fight together, like a heart shape.If you think about it, you will find that if you hear it with your ears, don't you want to experience the rich meaning?


Listen quietly and feel the truth of the heart.After reading "When the Rose Blossom", when I lamented the short -lived and unfortunate love for the old garden, these women who fell in love with the old gardener because of money, physique, appearance, and morality, are they sincere?IntersectionObviously, the answer is negative.These women only see the part of the old gardener's body to themselves, and ignore the integrity of the old gardener, and they will choose to get along with the old gardener.There is no love at all.There are no lack of these people in real life. They cannot see the integrity of the other party, but they seem to love each other on the surface. In fact, they are purely using each other.They have to learn to listen to their hearts and be with the complete him or her who loves him sincerely. Such love is true and lasting love.


Listen quietly and feel the goodness of the world. I remember a small story that I saw, telling the way of dealing with student disputes in Taichung. In the story, the two boys were arguing because of a trivial matter, and they were noisy. When they saw it, they were about to fight. At this time, the guidance appeared. He first let the two unreasonable people separate and brought them to the office. Let the two of them stand facing each other, in the middle of the glass, telling them that if anyone looks at the other party, whoever must apologize to the other party. At the beginning, both of them were staring at each other angrily, and later became two people to do all kinds of funny expressions. They refused to admit defeat. In the last two people, they smiled at the same time. Good friend. They are standing face to face, and when they look at each other, they are thinking about what they are thinking. I don't know, but one thing is certain that they must fight and communicate between their hearts and hearts. The voices of the time will easily resolve the contradiction and become a good friend of a lifetime. Therefore, be sure to calm down and feel the kindness of people's hearts.


Listen carefully and feel the beauty of nature.The spring of April is the best time for everything to wake up and re -move.Some time ago, the school organized a spring tour and went to the botanical garden.On the sunny day, it was suitable for the spring tour, playing plants, listening to the call of nature.At noon, everyone was a little lacking, but I was still energetic, so I held a camera and walked in the yard, looking for it, and looking forward to finding something.Sure enough, in the Peony Garden, I found a very good peony, red, white, pink, all kinds of colors, fighting and gorgeous.It's a picture of spring flowers!Nature, so beautiful!I seem to hear the vitality unique to spring.


There are truth, goodness and beauty everywhere in life. As long as we are willing to find, discover, listen, and feel, we will definitely realize the true and good beauty of ourselves.


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