英 [ˌæksepˈteɪʃn]

美 [ˌæksepˈteɪʃn]

n.  (词语的)通用意义



  • (词语的)通用意义
    the meaning that a word or expression is generally accepted as having




    • Ambition was at that time, in the direct acceptation of the word, a race to the steeple.
    • Expectations of Aesthetics of Acceptation& Reception of Readers and Innovation of Literature
    • The acceptation of these words are presented in so far as a dictionary.
    • Teenagers force themselves to participate in some groups for adapting the external condition, such as, environment; moreover, to seek the acceptation of their peers for social requirement and safety.
    • The trustees may retain the rights of issuing new share, selling the bank's assets, or work on the bank's debts acceptation based on their own identification of provision justice.
    • The Research of the Grasp of the Adjective Space Acceptation of Big Small about 2-to 4-year-old Enfants
    • Neatening, Checking and Acceptation of Construction Data of Gushan Tunnel in Jiao-Jin Speedway
    • Tutorial is directly related to the knowledge acceptation of students in class.
    • This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation.
    • Firstly, through the metaphor, we can find the "starting point" in the non-specialization of the acceptation of the technical terms;
    • This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners".
    • The theatre going activities in the West by the late Qing dynasty diplomats, as the starting point of the history of the acceptation of the West literature by the Chinese, is worth specific research.
    • Therefore, our hotel established an acceptation leading group in February and held many acceptation coordination meetings for detailed arrangement for preparation.
    • A Study on Existence of Lu Yao Phenomena from the Perspective of Reading and Acceptation
    • The coming of many differences of artistic acceptation is a subject that has been being studied.
    • Different ideas of acceptation to the book of the scholars reflected different looks and spiritual influences to its receptionists, which closely connects with the then social culture andhistory background.
    • The other is the development of acceptation still use the form of single syllable words.
    • Discussion on "Unified acceptation standard of engineering construction quality"
    • This paper tries to explore a preliminary acceptation of Shi Qi in Er Ya, so that people could apprehend more accurately the acceptation of ancient Chinese.
    • Erhu gradually won recognization and acceptation from those moved by Ma Xiaohui's erhu music.
    • In the same acceptation we can distinguish in any scientific pursuit the objective and the subjective interest of the investigation.
    • Therefore impression will be made by brand and new profitable market will be created by brand acceptation.
    • The Strategy on Obstacles of Acceptation in the Ideological-Political Education
    • Compare the Different Acceptation of Whitman's Leaves of Grass in China and Japan
    • Offering the production consultation, information query, trade manipulation, complaint acceptation, booking notice, production sale service, etc.
    • We dedicated the majority of users with a comprehensive after-sales service and technical support for enterprises to win customer acceptation.
    • We have the confidence and ability to smoothly finish the acceptation task to make contribution for the culture and tour festival.
    • Abstract: the design features of the fire water system of Fenglian Plaza building are presented, some measures to improve the problems arisen in the trial-run and acceptation are proposed, and furthermore advances of technical feasibility and operating reliability are discussed.
    • A Research into the Etymology and Its Original Acceptation of Sport; Feliks looked up from Kropotkin's pamphlet.
    • The beginning of this paper discusses the conception of logistics and the people's acceptation of this industry.