banker's acceptance

英 [ˈbæŋkəz əkˈseptəns]

美 [ˈbæŋkərz əkˈseptəns]

n.  银行承兑;银行信用证;银行承兑汇票




  • banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank
      Synonym: acceptance


    • Bankers'Acceptances: A banker's acceptance starts as an order to a bank by a bank's customer to pay a sum of money at a future date, typically within six months.
    • "Banker's acceptance; bank acceptance, bill"
    • The issuing bank will sell the banker's acceptance in the market and remit the funds to the beneficiary. 2. Conducting all QFII related foreign exchange settlement, sales, receipt, payment and RMB settlement businesses;
    • Assuming all of the documents are in order, the issuing bank will issue a banker's acceptance to the negotiating bank guaranteeing payment at a future point.
    • Banks normally finance these by a trust receipt or a banker's acceptance.
    • Banker's Acceptance: Price Ceiling, Interest Rate Influence and Market Fluctuation
    • A banker's acceptance is a short-term debt issued by a business firm on which a large commercial bank has guaranteed payment to the investor so that it becomes a liability of the bank.
    • As banker's acceptance bill business, our bill market's main trade means, also exists in a lot of proble.
    • With the development of the market economy and the international trade, specially after China joined in WTO, the function of banker's acceptance bill becomes more and more important as an instrument of payment and circulation.