travel rapidly

[网络] 快速旅行



  • Speaker John A. Boehner of the House on Wednesday became the highest-profile Republican to urge Mr. Obama to consider a ban on travel to the United States from West African countries where the Ebola virus is spreading rapidly.
  • Car-sharing, as an advantageous travel mode, has rapidly developed in Europe and North America.
  • The growth of global trade and travel allows resistant microorganisms to be spread rapidly to distant countries and continents.
  • In an emerging market-China, where the leisure& business travel industries are growing so rapidly, additional sources of information are very important.
  • China's online travel market volume has rapidly grown by30% last year.
  • In recent years drive travel has been developing rapidly in China, and it is only the beginning in Guangxi.
  • Today, international travel moves rapidly, with large numbers of individuals visiting various parts of the world.
  • Airplanes enable people to travel great distance rapidly.
  • The online travel service is in the rapidly growing stage of its lifecycle at present. Its development has become a hotspot of tourism.
  • Sea Area is called blue territory, and since the 1990s, new ocean industry such as marine aquaculture, littoral travel, ocean development of oil and gas and seawater comprehensive utilization and so on has developed rapidly.
  • The intercity travel range is expanding and the total for intercity trip is increasing rapidly under the influence of development of economy and improvement of intercity, passenger transport system, and personalized travel demand has become increasingly evident.
  • Travel mode gradually diversified and the individual transportation develops rapidly with the development of science and technology.
  • In recent years, robust growth of travel demand is seen in middle school students, the market is developing rapidly as well, their travel behavior and the phenomenon hence in tourism industry has drawn more and more attention of the scholars and experts.
  • And more and more Chinese people travel abroad, the foreigners all over the world who use Chinese for the work of tourism in the rapidly increasing.